Cheap Dedicated Servers

December 9, 2015 – 3:24 pm

In our industry lot of providers are offering cheap dedicated servers and many of them compete solely on pricing. As much you would like to blame the providers, it is the market culture which has went in one direction that is low prices.

With the low prices the quality of service has also gone down in many ways, for example;

  • Power Outages – Recently some of the cheap dedicated servers providers have experienced extended power outage repeatedly in the span of few months, WHY is that?
    1. To profit they have to compromise and base out of low cost facility.
    2. To save on costs not enough generators and ups are installed
    3. If the generator capacity is installed they do not get regular maintenance since that is additional cost.
    4. Fail to meet N+1 or N+2 redundant standard.

We at 24Shells have taken special precaution when it came to selection of the facility where our equipment is installed. We made no compromise on the cost of infrastructure and selected the premium facility.

Our datacenter facility offers N+2 redundant power and guarantees 100% uptime. This was proven in 2012 when Hurricane Sandy hit the shores of NY/NJ area and number of datacenters in the heart of New York experienced power outage. Our datacenter was one of the exception which did not experience any power outage and ran on generators for 12 days till the utility power was restored.

The transition from Utility power to Generator Power to Utility Power was seamless and none of our client experienced disruption of services.

The motto behind this article is to educate clients who are shopping for price only, we are not saying overpay for your server but be reasonable in your analysis of provider. Take caution when you find something is unrealistically cheap, it might make you happy for few months but in long run your business will suffer.

Always take a long term view in perspective when selecting cheap dedicated servers.

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