What it takes to setup a successful Reseller Hosting Business

October 23, 2013 – 7:41 am

With the market this vehemently loaded, how is a new reseller expected to make space? What all marketing strategies can help a reseller find slot in the web hosting arena? If questions of this sort happen to bang your grey cells at all hours, this post might offer relief.

Well, to begin with it is important to accept the fact that perhaps whatever your website hosting offer is, there will be others in the market, providing exactly identical terms or maybe better. Thus, there is nothing exceptionally unique that you can come up with. But don’t let this discourage you, because there are other areas you can work at, and the top in the list here is ‘relationships’. Now there are two scenarios here. One, you are already running or are engaged in an IT business and have thought of web hosting reseller setup as a business extension or possibly an add-on. Second, you have absolutely no entrepreneurial existence in the IT zone and the whole idea of making online income has prompted this decision.

In the first case, playing the relationship card can be easier; you already have the startup platform. There are existent clients, who are in need of websites or already have them and in either case need web space. Selling web hosting contracts to these people is like cashing on the rapport you already have. Start spreading the word around that you have also ventured into web hosting business. Don’t forget to mention that alongside the services you are already extending, are willing to go a step forward and assist with this web requirement. Start casual and step up the next level by seeking dedicated appointments for this new business proposal. If the other party doesn’t seem interested, send periodic mails and make sure you are always remembered. Basically in this case, your existing reputation and contacts plays a pertinent role. If you have created a trustworthy image, getting into the web hosting business will be easy.

Coming over to the situation where you are absolutely new, reseller web hosting business has to begin with a catchy introduction. Make a website, which is interestingly designed and offers captivating content. You will also need flyers and mailers to support the marketing slant. Online advertising is an expense you will have to bear. Contact web designers, perhaps attend seminars and exhibitions and establish a dialogue with code developers and graphic artists and content writers and others who you feel have an access to the web market. Establish relationships that can help you form a referral chain. Perhaps, reaching on directly to the client might be a little difficult, but you would be surprised how in the website hosting industry, referrals play a pivotal role. So form friendships …they will lead you to the real slot.

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