Break the trap … changing a web host is no big deal after all!

September 30, 2013 – 4:39 am

Terribly slow website, recurrent security threats, frequent virus attacks, sloppy mail accounts and all such related problems are caused by one bad decision – selecting a web hosting company, which is not really the best. However, while many realize that they have made a mistake, most still continue with the redundant choice, they once made. Not essentially because getting a cheaper and a better web hosting offer seems difficult, but more so because the whole idea of moving a website to another web host seems too painful a job to accomplish. But can we actually afford to lose out because we are scared of the transition? And in fact is the transition really that big a hassle to be avoided?

Well, moving a website to a new web host can appear to be a daunting process, but it really isn’t. The key part of the process is finding an appropriate new web host and if that part is dutifully settled, the rest will be taken care of.

Basically, with the new web hosting service provider, if the company is good enough, you will not have to spend a stupendous price for this switching decision. In fact, most offer the facility of free website transfer. Thus, you pay for the services you avail and nothing extra is spent upon the website moving process. After all, it is anyways mentally taxing, then why must you spend anything more?

Next, the new web host will manage the entire copying process. The idea is to have two web hosts for a short span of time, so that the files from the previous host can be safely restored. You will need not just the files, but also the databases. The technicalities involved in this transfer / copying process will again be managed by the new web host. Here it is advised that if you are contemplating a shift to another web hosting company, it is better to first make fresh copies of all data and then inform the old web host. Else, there might be downtime hassles, which certainly are not desired. Besides, it is better to maintain a safe side and thus ensure diligent transfer.

Domain name is next on list. If purchased from a third party, changes of any sort won’t be an issue; however, if your previous web host is the seller of your existing domain name, you will have to get in touch with them for the changes. It is a minor replacement and the web host shouldn’t really take much time to process the domain change request. It takes a while, a few hours for the new site to get loaded and once the site with new web host is up, you can terminate the old contract. So basically, a little time invested in the web host search and you are all sorted!

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