Attributes that define a good Web Host

September 30, 2013 – 4:37 am

The whole idea of a well managed website and the smooth web transition process relies primarily upon the service capabilities of the selected web hosting company. If the web host, who is selling you the online space, is able to smoothly handle your web traffic and is flexible enough to swiftly accommodate changing needs, you are all sorted. However, in order to get a minor bug fixed, if you have to call the web hosting service provider, more than once, your website is in sloppy hands. Poor customer service, recurrent security issues, increasing instances of downtime, slow speed and pricey adjustments together define a bad web hosting experience. If your website shows any of the listed symptoms, the medical condition is definitely poor and you must immediately switch to another care taker.
As you begin this search process, first and foremost keep the price factor aside. Neither too expensive is the best and nor is a free account good enough. How much you pay, can only be justified, in terms of what you are getting from the web host in return. Thus, only checking out the prices and ignoring the offer is definitely not a good start.

Now coming back to the requirements, a web host who can meet the following criterion ought to be selected:

• Uptime, bandwidth and speed – A website that is often down is as bad as dead. Especially, if it is a commercial website, you don’t want frequent delays as that would simply push your prospective customers towards competitors. Select a web host who can commit at least 99% uptime and this really isn’t a big deal. In fact, once you will scan through the web hosting service contracts, statements like 99.5% or even 99.9% will appear; so settle for no less. Likewise, when it comes to bandwidth, which defines the amount of data that can be transferred, unlimited bandwidth is a term that has been coined to fool naïve customers. Many web hosts claim that their offer includes unlimited bandwidth, but for websites serving high traffic, the truth soon falls apart. Suddenly, the unlimited clause vanishes and in the next bill, you are charged for excessive usage. The point here is that when you sign a contract, scan it thoroughly and make sure that each and every clause is clearly noted.
• Security – SSL security layer is a mandate requirement for an e-commerce website and in addition, for all websites, the web host should be able to provide basic firewall protection and must have the needed tools to keep your website absolutely clean.
• Customer Support – This is a really crucial aspect. Often customers take it for granted that the web host will be available at all times, however situation often changes once you have paid for the yearly contract. You must only go ahead with a web host who really is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are talking about a website here and any problem is an emergency. Thus, the doctor should be ready with solutions, at all times.
• Hosting Options – Pick a website hosting company that offers the entire hosting bouquet. Maybe be today you are going ahead with a shared web hosting contract, tomorrow the needs could change and managed web hosting or a dedicated plan might be needed. The web host thus should be geared to assist with various plan choices.

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