Web Hosting … the industry better known for ‘COMPROMISES’!

September 25, 2013 – 12:07 am

Various surveys, conducted by agencies of repute, over time have established a critical fact regarding the web hosting services. A huge number of firms availing web hosting services are dissatisfied with what they are getting, but still are just continuing with the middling web hosting offer. Now the question is why … why aren’t people disgruntled? Why is it so that a change is not on the cards? How can ‘so-so’ be good enough?

1. Plain carelessness – All of them are the same, any is fine. This attitude explains a basic reason behind careless selection. At the outset, adverts from a number of web hosts might appear similar; however this doesn’t means that all web hosting service providers fall in the same category. Despite the fact, many firms however invest little or no time weighing the prospective service providers’ capabilities and usually just settle with whatever comes first.

2. Agents and advisors – Another large proportion of population is happy relying upon their chain of advisors. Be it the guy designing the website or an outside system maintenance agency employee, the first name that is referred is accepted.

3. Price Down – Cheapest is the best, why pay more when economical options can suffice. The illusion of availing more in lesser cost provokes incorrect selections. The notion that the cheapest web host is as good as others in the industry ensures such decisions. Clients end up paying less in monetary terms; however the overall costs for the compromises they make, are pretty significant.

4. Price Up – Higher the charge, better the offer. Another group is paying atrociously high price for web hosting services and yet is totally unaware of what they are getting. Primarily so because they feel that at this price, if this is the offer, anything better cannot really be possible. It is a situation where, because these firms are paying more, they are psychologically attempting to stay content.

5. The fear of change – My website is too slow, but change could kill. The web owner is pretty clear of the situation in this case; however, the transition from one web host to another is just too scary a proposition. Call it security threat or the fear of losing clients on account of transition delays or the involved costs, many companies are simply continuing with the existing web hosts because they believe that changing a web host is a costly affair.

Are you a participant of this compromised web hosting realm???

If you are not aware of the benefits a good web host can offer, at a nominal price or the pains currently caused by your web hosting service provider, you are intentionally contributing to this ill effect. In the net era, while we are so badly dependent upon internet, does it makes any sense to stay ignorant. Transitioning to another web host is absolutely a hassle free process, why then stick with the mediocre? If you are still not sure what ‘hassle free’ means here, the next post elaborates the benefits of a good web host and the following explains the website switching process and thus help you break the sick web hosting trap you are currently fenced in.

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