How to Rank a Web Host?

August 31, 2013 – 2:53 am

Agencies publishing web host rankings or list of popular hosts are abundant. Merely typing the keywords ‘web host rankings’ or ‘ top 10 web hosts’, present quite a many posts and lists to scan through. However, how is one supposed to decide which list is most authentic or which is a credible source. In other words, generic web host rankings are plentiful, which is the most suited to a particular business or a website type?

The web-host for your website cannot just be determined by these rankings. The lists available can though be a starting ground for the search; however a lot more detailing is mandatory. After all, your website is your introduction to the world. For many, the website is the selling point and going ahead with a web hosting agency which might be good, but inappropriate in certain circumstances, could critically affect.

Thus, while finding a suitable web hosting agency or ranking web hosts it is pertinent to have a customized ranking criteria and that you will have to work out yourself. But how is one supposed to do that? Well, we have done some research here, questioned our clients, referred to a number of ranking agencies and have interviewed various web administrators and based on the responses collated, a help note is drafted that can assist you with the web host rankings.

Prepare a preliminary list – This list includes names of web hosts extending the needed web hosting services in your region. For this prelim list, check with friends, business colleagues and even refer to the online ranking list. A number of people around you would be using services of a web hosting company. Checking with them will help prepare a name chart. As you collate this information also seek their feedback. Those who plan to change or are dissatisfied shall help trim down the chart. Further, the web hosting companies specializing in hosting category (windows or Linux, shared or private or dedicated, cloud, etc.) required by you, move up the list.

Time for a dry run – All commit full assistance but only those who stand available during the needed times are reliable. The best way to ascertain availability is conducting a dry run. Click on the live chat icon on web host’s website and you’ll be surprised to find that only a few will actually respond. Chuck out the ones who fail to revert. Next, call up the customer care numbers and see if you get early response.

Security angle – Make sure that the web hosts you are considering are backed by the requisite infrastructure to securely handle your company’s and customer’s data. Infringement can not just lead to monetary losses and legal impediments, but can also critically malign reputation.

Price – The price vs. capability test is the final yardstick. Select the web hosting vendor, who meets all above listed requirements and yet is the cheapest. Please note that price is the last and not the first criterion to rank web hosting service providers.

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