Cloud can Intrude and Protect – Chose the Alternate that Suits!

August 31, 2013 – 2:50 am

Cloud computing is a powerful concept that offers clear benefits to organizations. However, as we had discussed in the previous post, privacy concerns are a top priority while making the cloud move. Especially for organizations, which are not just responsible for their company data but are also answerable for the voluminous customer data that they have access to, cloud appears to be a poisonous solution. For obvious reasons, the setups are unable to ignore cloud and if they embrace this technology, there is the risk of infringement. Given this scenario, is there a possible way to tame the cloud snake and make it dance to your tunes?

Well yes, with a little caution exercised during the cloud provider selection stages, it is possible to earn most out of cloud computing and yet maintain utmost privacy.

While a lot of factors like infrastructural capabilities, availability, performance and more help find the most suited cloud computing service provider, herein we are confining to the privacy aspect. Once you have narrowed down to a selected few capable cloud service providers, it is time for a security evaluation. Only a cloud service provider who can successfully clear this privacy evaluation is good enough to be your organization’s partner.

Selecting a secure cloud service provider

Data leaks or undesired data sharing or infringement possibilities can severely deter your organization’s reputation. Thus, begin by zeroing down on those cloud providers who are reasonably equipped to securely handle your data. Firewalls, virus detectors, encryption at facility and on the wire (i.e. when data is being transferred) and at the local storage are top of the list items to check. As you go about analyzing the cloud providers, ascertain if their security policy is in sync with your company’s IT security policy and if there are loopholes, a direct interaction with the shortlisted vendors can help upgrade.

In possibilities of breach, what is the provider’s stance is a pertinent question. You should be very clear about your provider’s reaction to such possible circumstances. Aspects like, how would you be notified and what will be provider’s legal involvement in such cases critically matter.

Option to conduct surprise audits is also a very useful tool. A service provider who is totally certain of his security control over the cloud services would encourage such audits. If there are loopholes in the security cover and thus if your privacy is at stake, the cloud computing provider will certainly not maintain as much transparency.

Go ahead with a cloud vendor who meets the listed criteria and of course conduct a final reputation check to stamp the selection.

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