The cloud worry tale… fact or fiction?!?!

August 29, 2013 – 3:51 am

In a very short span of time, cloud has dramatically evolved and the computing technology has literally encompassed the world. People are either loathing it or adoring it, but it both conditions, in different forms and to varying extents, knowingly or unknowingly using it. Cloud is the new IT addiction. It is like that drug which comes with a warning on the label and yet is such a big hit amongst all. Obsession is justified; after all, cloud makes life easy and light. Extraordinarily simple cloud offers total elimination of data handling qualms. Especially for a small / medium business enterprise, cloud is a desperate wish granted by Santa. Unlimited storage at an unbeatable price and alluring flexibility is the cloud deal. Recovery tools with cloud computing are in their full swing and software integration happens by default. In a nutshell, with cloud in action, IT is less demanding and more willing to provide.

Coming over to the obvious, if the colors of cloud are so vibrant and enthralling, why are then so many busy lobbying against this revolutionary computing technology? Cloud mandates a change and with a change one must be prepared to encounter the initial set of challenges.

For instance kids, when they are young they have this habit of holding on tightly to whatever belongs to them; be it an eraser or a ball. Gradually, parents instill the idea of sharing into the child’s brain and depending upon parent child relationship and kid’s analytical abilities, the child responds. Few share immediately thinking that their decisions will promote an equal and opposite reaction from others and thus they will attain likewise benefits. Another group contemplates longer and weighs what they have, check out the offer and eventually decide if they must jump into this sharing pool or should stay away. The rest simply loath the idea of parting with anything that belongs to them and are so protective that they are willing to forgo any benefits this sharing cycle could initiate.

Similar is the case with Cloud, just that we are dealing with children of a different age group.
Given the advantages, a group which is growing stronger by day, has welcomed cloud into their horizon. They have loosened control and have entered into this data centralization model for the sake of various benefits cloud offers.

The second group has analyzed cloud from different perspective and likes a certain set of features and is not really upbeat about the rest. Thus, this group has opted for certain cloud services like online productivity or customer / relationship management or email and more.

The remaining is not willing to let go. They have regressed to a state where anything as radical as cloud scares them. Problems do exist with the cloud model but they aren’t impenetrable. This group however has declined the whole idea and has created a cloud picture that represents total loss. But is this a sensible thing to do? Given the cloud advantages and the pace at which this computing technology is taking on, is it really possible to steer away from cloud? Well not really and thus a wiser move would be to take up the precautionary road and adopt cloud the safer way. How … the following post shall elaborate!

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