Web hosting prices slashed … is cheapest the solution?

September 10, 2013 – 8:53 am

Web hosting industry is a muddy territory where vendors are constantly in tiff. Web hosting package prices are being reduced to a level where the line between free and paid has begun to evaporate. What is behind this whole concept of such cheap packages? Saving money and grabbing an affordable deal is certainly wise, but can price be the only determinant? After all, a good deal has to encompass more than just the price. It ought to be an overall package where you get what you pay for. Paying a dollar a month is of no use if you cannot expect security and consistent service and a five times an amount is worth, if it ensures that your website is always up.

Webhosting Package Inclusions

Websites, especially business and trading websites carry with them a reputation. They reflect upon the owner’s sincerity. The website is a commitment to serve and if this channel is a regular victim of security pilferages, what message are you sending to the prospective customer base? The web host does more than just providing the web space. This vendor also sells security. If the web host is lenient on this pertinent slant, your websites stands naked. Intruders are literally welcomed to barge in and access whatever information they chose. Only a web host who is enlightened with the relevance of security elements takes the needed steps to safeguard. Now is it price of the web hosting package that shall govern your decision or a web host’s security setup that will define the flow.

Ease of scalability and portability are the next two important aspects that are mostly ignored. Limited requirements today, cheap membership works perfect. Requirements increase tomorrow, web host scales up, but the price increases dramatically. Talk about a proportionate increase and you are in for surprises. Neither will that happen and if you work towards a shift, you will realize you have fallen in a lock-in trap. The dear cheap web host will impose such conditions that a change of service provider will not be a case of minimal disruption. But who cares? As long as we get cheap services, it is party time … right?

Wake Up!

High time, playing naïve is no longer the winning strategy. Bargain with the web host and look for the most economical deal. But as you do so, don’t just get blindfolded by the price element, also keep a close eye on the package inclusions. If you are looking for an accommodation, you won’t share a flat with a con just because it is cheap.

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